Alexander Lomas The Swing Singer

Winner of 2012 North East Wedding Awards for Enterinment
His relaxed effortless delivery providing that rare touch of class we can only associated with greats such as Sinatra,Dean Martin, Sammy Davis

Andrew Taylor live Wedding Musician

Andrew Taylor, a saxophone player based in the North East, specialises in performing personalised beautiful music at weddings to create the perfect ambience.

 The wedding musician that played at Princess Diana's wedding, can play at yours!

Pinhole Express
Pinhole Press is your online boutique for personalized, inspirational gifts. Our photo products are designed to inspire the gift giver, spread joy to the recipient and create an unforgettable moment. From photo books and holiday cards to calendars and day planners, we make simple, high-quality, functional products.

Photoshop Actions.
Photoshop actions consist of a series of menu commands such as filters, image adjustments etc which can be recorded and played back.This process is called a Photoshop action. These actions are perfect for Photoshop novices simply because it allows you to apply multiple different photo effects to an image within a few seconds without having knowledge about the ins and outs of Photoshop.
In this package there are 10 Photoshop actions, these are simply pre-recorded tasks that you can save and reuse anytime. Photoshop actions commonly have an .atn file extension. Installing a Photoshop action for more recent versions of Photoshop is easy: simply drag the .atn file onto the Actions palette or place it directly inside your Adobe Photoshop\Presets\Photoshop Actions folder. please note that these actions only work with Photoshop.
Once you have paid for the actions they will be sent to you via email.
Click this link to view photoshop Actions

Gift Vouchers

Send the perfect gift to the Bride & Groom, this voucher goes towards there album and prints

   Established in 1952 and with over 1700 members, the Master Photographers Association is the United Kingdom's only organisation for full time, qualified and professional photographers.

"Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I�m going to take tomorrow."

Imogen Cunningham